Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Just a short item of interest. Many finns know the ruthless critic Tapani Maskula, from Turku. He has a reputation of not liking anything, and as I've been to the same press screenings with him, a couple of times I've heard him complaining about the film he's about to see before the film has started rolling. Well, I still respect the man for maintaining a sort of a class. Now someone has collected a list of films he has deemed 5-star worthy.

I'll have to say, it's a pretty good list, except for one thing.

Alien 3, WTF? It's clearly the worst of the Alien bunch and its themes (borrowed largely from the first one) are probably the most obvious in this one. The studio interference of everything interesting they were pitching at the movie is painfully obvious. And they killed Hicks! Maybe Maskula confused that piece of garbage with the more superior Aliens?

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