A Finnish Filmaholic fried his brains watching too many films. Now he blogs about it and intends to do the same to you. Movies are awesome!

While other Movieblogs are for pretty people. The Last Movieblog is intended for all the movie freaks! So while I won't give you any movie news, glitz and glamour, I'll give you insight of the most interesting films I've seen recently, and snark on the stupidest crap I've wasted my time with. I'll take you with me to film festivals and share some of the silliest movie trailers I can find.

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Here's the Ratings scale:

★★★★★ - A true masterpiece, one of my personal favorites.
★★★★ - An excellent film.
★★★ - A better-than-average film.
★★ - Well, it's perhaps worth one watch, but you really don't gain anything from it.
★ - Utter dreck.

★ or ★★★★★ - A Brilliant Trash film, that's giggles all the way. The production values are not the best in the world, so viewer discrediton is adviced. If you're a humourless douche or a hard-core elitist, you probably won't like this.


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