Tuesday, 15 December 2009

C-c-c-changes, plus some more movies I-wanna-see

I haven't updated for a while, as I've been having a small crisis as to where I should take this blog. At first I figured I'd just put up small reviews of every movie I'd seen, creating a sort of database in my movie-seeing in the long run. But then I began to think that it wasn't too appreciative for the movies. They deserve to be analysed deeper than just a couple of sentences. So, from now on, I'll only do posts in regards of a bigger theme. For example, soon I figured I could do a list of my favorite Christmas movies. If there really is someone other than me reading this blog, please feel free to comment on what sort of blog would you rather be interested in reading.

And now, as a thanks for reading this news update, I'll give you some more of movies I-wanna-see:

Blood Freak

This is a perfect film for Thanksgiving, a pro-jesus, anti-drug, sadistic killer turkey film.

Bloody Pit of Terror! http://bit.ly/IoKyA
Paha Mustanaamio!

Color Me Blood Red http://bit.ly/6RLDPW

The Hidden! http://bit.ly/2S7jud

I 3 Fantastici Supermen! http://bit.ly/1X5AJ1
It's like Italian Spiderman, but for real!

Incense for the Damned! http://bit.ly/2jiRTh
Starring the late, great Edward Woodward.

Murphy's law!

There's only one law - Charles Bronsons's law!

The Protector! http://bit.ly/4EKyBM
To be fair, I'll probably include all the Tony Jaa films I haven't seen to this.

Raging Phoenix! http://bit.ly/16PYVn
Awesome, although I hope they aren't in fact all real fights and real injuries

Rock 'n Roll Nightmare! http://bit.ly/sSXCK
Oh Yeeeeeah!

The Room
This seems on par with one of my all-time favorites Russian Ninja with acting abilities.

Savage! http://bit.ly/14fPpD

Secret Agent 00 Soul http://finnish.imdb.com/title/tt0114375/
A Bond spoof starring Billy Dee Williams! It's a miracle it doesn't have any YouTube videos

Street Fighter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb0Ty41jWxQ

For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday. What?

Top of the heap http://bit.ly/2Konxj
A rare blaxploitation flick shown at Night Visions festival, but I missed it.

666 - the Nigerian Omen http://bit.ly/V6FYK
Reading Vice sure pays off.

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