Tuesday, 27 October 2009

All the movies I wanna see

Hello all!

I'm planning of doing a weekly feature, which weekly collects together all the movies I-wanna-see I post occasionally on my Twitter account. As too many movies would be missed otherwise, I'll start by listing the previous movies-I-wanna-see (That is, if I haven't seen them already)

Ator -- http://bit.ly/DAfV8
HE was the most bloodthirsty of the barbarians...

The Barbarians -- http://bit.ly/2muzto

Chopping Mall -- http://bit.ly/Dv3kq

Dead Heat

A buddy cop movie written by Shane Black's brother - with zombies!

Fido http://bit.ly/xSb61
A Story of a boy and his zombie.

Fists of Steel a.k.a. The Atomic Cyborg

Known in Finland as Ohjelmoidut lihakset -- The Programmed Muscles

Gymkata -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Mkl9rtttog
Features a deadly new martial arts using gymnastics as a weapon.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii -- http://bit.ly/PaOui
It has it all.

This ain't no hula!

Kalka -- http://bit.ly/GmjkG

The Killing of Satan! http://bit.ly/2Pey3j
The Philippinos rule!

Maniac! http://bit.ly/kr7Ss
This has been shown in the Hurme festival in 2006. Pity I didn't live in Turku then.

Night of the Comet! http://bit.ly/2lTxtK

Sword of the Barbarians http://bit.ly/3sELKw
It has some hilarious sword-throwing moments.

The Thing with Two Heads! http://bit.ly/121k3B

Troll 1 -- http://bit.ly/oEBeN
The ongoing adventures of Harry Potter -- Senior and Junior

Undefeatable http://bit.ly/S78u
A Classic in stupid movie fighting

Zombieland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-cIjPOJdFM
It has Bill Murray as himself, you know.

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